Wednesday, August 4, 2010

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Hi Folks!

Apologies right off the bat for the lack of posts here at the Toni M Photography blog. We've been "flying" around catching up on many gigs and photo shoots around Launceston, Tasmania for the past month or so. Many Sneak Peeks coming your way soon.

If you haven't notice already we've had a bit of a change here on our blog. One of the biggest changes we've had is the layout and adding new buttons. As you can see above is the HUGE list of Bands and Artists, Toni M Photography has shot over the past 2 years. Please check back regularly, as we constantly adding more to this list and hopefully the links to the band's / artist's web page.

Another big change is that we are almost at the point of going live with our website, fingers crossed this happens around the end of month, we'll keep you "posted" about the progress as it develops.

Also we must apologies for change over at our Face book Page. You can now find use here under Toni's Face book Page We apologies for any inconvenience caused with this x

If you haven't already you can sign up for our newsletter, just send us an e-mail with newsletter in the subject area and we'll add you to our list. We'll be e-mailing you all soon with lots of sneak peeks, updates, giveaways and lots, lots more.

Cheers Toni M

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