Frequent Asked Questions

Toni M Photography Frequent Asked Questions

Do you have a studio location?
No. As I currently work from my home, I only shoot on-location. I am available to come to your home or meet you at any location you choose (indoor or outdoor).

What if I do not have anywhere in my house that you could shoot the session?
Typically we will find places for pictures that you would not even consider. We have so many clients that ask this question, and then end up being very surprised once they see their proofs. The main thing to remember is that we want the focus on the people rather than the surroundings, so the background is often irrelevant. We take a lot of close up shots, and often use settings that blur the background (allowing the subject to stand out more). People also worry that their house is too small but that is not an issue. We do not need much room. If you really have a genuine concern, please address it specifically with us, and we will work through it. Weather permitting; we can always shoot outdoors, even in the rain.

So I have to hire a cleaning crew before you arrive at my home?
Te he he. NO. We know the reality of life. We have had sessions in middle of renovations, piles of laundry, toys and general everyday household chaos. We are so laid back that none of that bothers us, so do not drive yourself crazy getting your house ready before we come over.

What does it mean to be a natural light photographer?
What this means is that, when possible, we do not use flash or studio lighting. We use whatever light source is available in your home or from outdoor light coming in. This is just one way to allow your photographs to really look natural. We can work with anything from morning sun through to evening light. When we come to your home, we find places that use natural light and we'll go from there.

What if my child does not cooperate or is sick?
First, if you believe that your child is sick, we are better off rescheduling than forcing them through a session while they are uncomfortable. That said, there are many times that children are completely healthy and do not want to comply! Toni is also a teacher, and for 7 years has taught from early childhood to teenagers! We will take our time, get to know each other, and have fun. It is my goal to put the child at ease from the start, go with their moods, and stop for breaks as necessary.

How can I help my child cooperate?
We really do like the kids to be themselves. It shows their true spirit in the pictures. That said, we would all like some nice pictures of our children being happy and not throwing a fit! Here is the thing, kids listen to other adults better than they do their own parents. Who knows why, but they do. When a toddler or child is having a rough time, we often encourage the parents to step away a bit. We just talk and play and we keep them at ease. We can sneak in some great pictures this way.

What clothing is necessary for maternity portraits?
We have photographed expectant mothers from completely bare to fully clothe depending on your comfort level. We can discuss a variety of options prior to your session.

What clothing is best?
Bottom line, what you wear is up to you, but here are a few pointers. Bright colors are good, but busy prints can take the focus away from the subject. White tends to wash out light colored skin and can add too much contrast against dark colored skin. Bare feet look more natural and relaxed in general. Long sleeves are typically more flattering for adults, while kids look great with bare arms. Groups look best in similar styles or colors. Most of my clients choose casual everyday clothes over dressing up so that the photographs truly reflect who they are.

What if we are looking for formal portraits?
We encourage you to take a look at my website galleries and blog before scheduling a session. You will see that we maintain a casual, laidback feel and style with our clients. Our goal is to capture natural expressions, not forced smiles. If you are looking for studio portraits or backdrops, we can recommend a few studios.