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*Black Japan EP Launch at Hotel New York

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Thursday 11th June 2009

What a night, what a show!

Toni M Photography Music Photographer Launceston Tasmania

The night started with the smooth vocal sounds of Jason Lucas of "My Escapade" Fame. Jason bought with him silky acoustic version of his bands music, enticing the crowd with his insightful lyrics and melodious guitar playing. If you have yet to check out Jason or his band "My Escapade", check out your local guide for future gigs, it's worth a night out!

From the moment the band stepped on stage and the light show started you knew you were in for a great night! Formerly the "The Dead Abigail's" (minus the keys) the boys have come together again with a fresh name, look and sound as "Black Japan". A sound described by some as "raw rock", this was evident with tracks such as "I've changed my mind" and "Big Mouth" to name just a couple.

The overall feel of the night, was that of a musical explosion, where one was free to observe and enjoy the night or get down and boogie with band. By the look on the crowd's faces, it seems, not only were they immensely rewarded with colossal musical talent, but an impressive show as well, that put "rock 'n' roll, in your soul".

From the raw lyrics of such tracks, "Alone", "Coma", "Blood Sugar" and "I've changed my mind" to name a few, the manifestation of these combined with the harmonious instruments and vocals from lead vocalists, Carl Fidler, backing vocalists and guitarist, Glenn Moorhouse, the sleek control of bassist, Corey Gilham and the smooth flair of drummer, Randell Stafford, these guys have got themselves a musical fusion worthy of those in International stardom and "rock" fame.

The "after taste" of this show, should have you wanting more from these guys, here's hoping there's more from where this gig came from. Magic!

Black Japan's EP, now available from Mojo Music, Wills, Muisc or a local CD dealer near you.

Review and Photography by Toni Earl of Toni M Photography

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