Sunday, August 2, 2009

*finding the balance

Toni M Photography 
:: Portrait and Family Photographer
:: Belly to Baby Photographer
:: Music Photographer
:: Event Photographer
:: Launceston Tasmania

there has been much going of late, thus the lack of posting here.
Many things are in the works, loads of editing is happening, as well as teaching to keep the funds rolling.
I hope to return to regular posting as soon it is possible, but in the mean time please check out these very talented artists & photographers:

Boho Girl aka Denise of Boho Photography - with her new journey of getting her long awaited "dreads"
Photo Bird aka Susannah of Ink on my Fingers & Unravelling - with her gorgeous photos & unravelling e-course
Superhero aka Andrea of Superhero Designs - with her new e-course "mondo beyondo", I am hoping to join soon
Kelly Rae; artist, author & possibiltarian - check out her new look website & blog
Schoompy aka Stacey of Bella Wish - with her latest heartfelt, warm & funny vlog

Hope your weekend has been full of sun, hugs & yummy food. I know mine has :)

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